Fire Extinguisher Types

Water is one of the most proficient flame douser types. They should just be utilized on Class A flames including Paper, wood, textures, furniture, and so forth. bình chữa cháy mfz4

A water fire douser is strong red in shading with a hose and spout appended, so you can coordinate a flood of water at the base of the flame. As water conducts power, water fire dousers shouldn’t be utilized close presented to live power links. Water dousers are best kept close by a CO2 quencher so the danger of electrical flames is shrouded in your structure. Water dousers work by stifling the blazes and drenching (cooling) the materials in the fire.

Similarly as with water, AFFF froth chips away at Class A flames however can likewise smother class B/combustible fluid flames. At the point when showered onto a flame, AFFF froth quenches and covers the flares, at that point seals in any perilous vapors under the outside of froth. Froth likewise enters permeable materials and cools the flame as the water in the froth vanishes. As the froth quencher is non-conductive and tried to the BS EN3 35,000V dielectric test, they might be utilized close yet not on live electrical gear. Froth fire quenchers can be recognized by their cream shading coded board.

Carbon dioxide or Co2 fire quenchers are sheltered to use on electrical flames. The Co2 gas is non-conductive and does not desert a buildup that will impact the future execution of electrical gear not at all like froth or powder quenchers. These flame douser types are additionally successful on Class B fires (combustible fluids). Carbon dioxide fire quenchers are recognized by a dark board on the douser body and by their horn which is to be pointed at the flame however not held if there should be an occurrence of a stop consume. Some more up to date co2 fire douser types have ice free horns as an additional security include. The most continuous douser blend for effective putting out fires is a water or froth nearby a CO2 quencher.

Dry powder fire dousers are the most adaptable flame quencher types and can smother Flammable solids, fluids, gasses and electrical flames. These are frequently suggested for use on vehicles and in the home, yet despite the fact that they are multi reason, powder fire dousers are not prescribed for use in encased spaces, or on touchy electrical hardware if other increasingly appropriate sorts of quencher are accessible. Powder fire quenchers can be recognized by their blue board, and work by covering the fire and avoiding re-start

Wet synthetic flame dousers have been planned explicitly for stifling profound fat cooking fires. (Class F fires). Prior to the production of wet synthetic dousers, most modern kitchens had froth or powder quenchers, anyway ordinary flame douser types, for example, these can bother a cooking fat flame as they can’t bring down the temperature of oil gambling re-start, and can make hot oil sprinkle up on contact with the smothering specialist.

Whenever worked, a wet concoction quencher cools the flares and fat, and covers the hot fat to anticipate re-start. A wet concoction fire douser has a yellow board on its body and a long spear used to securely disperse the quenching operator at a separation. This master fire quencher isn’t proposed for use on electrical gear, however has finished the BSi 35kv conductivity test on the off chance that accidentally utilized.

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