Glossary of Auto Transport Terms

A uniquely planned staggered rail vehicle used to transport cars. Autoracks have a few decks, can convey up to 20 vehicles and have metal side boards and end ways to ensure cars while in travel. Bi-level or twofold deck Autoracks for the most part transport trucks and enormous SUV’s, while tri-level or triple deck Autoracks for the most part transport traveler vehicles. A committed train with 70 Autoracks is equipped for transporting in excess of 1,000 vehicles at one time.
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Auto Transport

Moving or delivering vehicles as cargo. Auto shippers are unequivocally urged to search out trustworthy, completely guaranteed, monetarily solid vehicle haulers. Another age of savvy, client centered auto transport organizations are making across the country transport more advantageous and moderate than any other time in recent memory.


Alludes to the vehicle hauler’s chance to get a second heap of vehicles near the goal where they conveyed their first burden; i.e., coming back to the cause of the principal load. A to B, at that point B to A.

Bi-Level Rail Car

A sort of rail vehicle utilized for auto transport, called a bi-level since it has two decks, an upper and a lower. Bi-level limit is between 8 – 12 vehicles. They are regularly used to transport vans, pickups and SUVs, or traveler vehicles that have radio recieving wires or higher profiles that bar them from fitting on a tri-level rail vehicle.

Vehicle Hauler/Carrier

An organization which gives auto transport administration; the physical transport of a vehicle.

Vehicle Carrier/Auto Transport Equipment

An uncommonly developed semi-trailer (unpowered unit) generally fit for transporting up to 9 vehicles. Some incorporate powerfully worked slopes. A few vehicles are sponsored onto the trailer while others are driven nose first to help expand space or meet shade necessities. Every vehicle is immovably blocked and secured to help ensure it amid travel. Enormous vehicles are typically transported on the upper dimension of multi-deck transport trailers.

Conveyance Network

A mind boggling arrangement of associated trucks, railways and boats used to transport autos. Vehicle haulers with access to all methods of auto transport have a ground-breaking conveyance arrange that gives proficient auto transportation to meet their clients’ time and cost necessities.

Encased Auto Transport

Auto transport utilizing a completely encased van, semi trailer or rail vehicle, normally with metal sides and a top. Encased auto transport offers expanded assurance against climate, street trash and different risks particularly over long separations. Encased truck transport is a superior administration which for the most part costs more than standard open auto transport. Encased rail transport is standard and frequently costs not exactly open truck transport while moving vehicles in excess of 500 miles.

Cargo Forwarder

One who collects little shipments of vehicles into one enormous combined shipment which is then offered to an auto transporter. After achieving goal, the shipment is isolated into little shipments and conveyed.


The way toward transportation a vehicle utilizing more than one method of auto transport. Offered by just a couple of select vehicle haulers, multi-purpose auto transport incorporates both short-separate truck transport and long-remove rail administration alternatives.

Nearby Move

A term used to portray auto transport from pickup to conveyance by a solitary transporter, for the most part inside a range of 200 miles from starting point to goal.


Changes or increments to a vehicle from its unique state, for example, spoilers, rooftop racks, 4 x 4 lift packs, running sheets, camper taxis, and so forth. Adjustments can influence a vehicle’s general measurements and weight, which may require an alternate method of auto transport or extra charges.


The area where transport of a vehicle begins, or starts. Vehicle haulers need both the inception and goal of a shipment to give a precise auto transport quote.

Get and Transit Time

Get and travel times may differ dependent on the vehicle organization you pick. Auto transport as a rule midpoints between 1 to 3 weeks, contingent upon get and conveyance areas, accessibility of the vehicles, shipping limit, and separation. Most vehicle haulers likewise offer sped up administration at an extra expense.


Another word for a multi-purpose terminal. Slopes were initially structures, changeless or impermanent, from which trailers or hardware are driven onto or off of a railroad flatcar.


The individual for whom the vehicle hauler consents to move vehicles to a predetermined goal and at a predefined cost. Additionally called “Distributor”.


An office given by a railroad or vehicle pulling organization at a transitional point in its system for the treatment of cargo; and for the separating, making up, sending and adjusting loads, and trading with different bearers. Additionally alluded to as a “slope” while referencing a rail terminal.


Lashes or chains that a vehicle hauler uses to verify a vehicle on a tow truck or staggered vehicle transporter. Numerous vehicle haulers are changing to ties to limit harm in travel.

Vehicle Size Classifications

Vehicle measure classes are a method for characterizing autos to appraise auto transport expenses earlier shipment. Traveler autos are commonly named vehicles from 0-60″ in stature, or as small scale minimized, sub-smaller, reduced, average size or enormous autos dependent on their industry standard inside volume record estimated in cubic feet. The bigger the vehicle, the higher the expense to transport it.

Wheel Straps

Strengthened lashes utilized in an auto rail vehicle which go over the haggles the vehicle to the floor to limit transportation harm.

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