How to Write 16 Bars of a Freestyle Rap Song and Watch Your Song Go to the Top

In this article, we will talk about 16 bars of a free-form rap tune. When composing your 16 bars, you have several choices with respect to how you will keep in touch with them. Dirty Heads concerts 2019

Choice #1 – Write while tuning in to a beat

This is the thing that I would prescribe to be the best choice. Most thumps that you will hear or make pursue definite or fundamentally the same as drumbeats and examples. When you compose the stanza or refrains while tuning in to the beat, they can fit in all respects effectively with the diverse beats that you are tuning in to.

Another reason that I suggest this alternative is that in the event that you are tuning in and composing in the meantime, you can work with your stream, moderate it down or speed it up to match the stream. You can likewise play around additional with your lines. You can take a word or state and abbreviate it or stretch it out over the diverse beats to inspire it to sound the manner in which you need it to.

Alternative #2 – Write without a beat

A great deal of times, you may get a dash of inventiveness where you aren’t close to wherever that you can tune in to a beat. In a circumstance like this, simply compose and continue composing.

I like to tune in to a variety of beats. When I discover one that I truly like, I will hear it out again and again until I hear it in my mind. This activity comes in genuine convenient on the off chance that you get in a spot where you get that dash of imagination and aren’t in a spot that you can turn on a beat. At the point when this transpires, I turn on what is in my mind. I would then be able to compose tuning in to a beat that I know and know about.

These are two choices that will assist you with writing a 16 bar free-form rap melody. Utilize these alternatives as you compose your tunes.

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